Thursday, September 8, 2005

supreme court

I was thinking about the vacant seats on the supreme court that W is gonna be filling. I wasn't really thinking about the major impact W will have on the court, but was more wondering if new members get hazed or initiated in any way. When I joined the boy scouts, the first overnight trip we took involved an initiation ritual for me and the other new guys. I was blindfoldedand had to do some chanting and be led around by the rest of the troop and stuff. I know most of my friends in school that were a part of a frat went through hell for that stupid little pin. I was just wondering if the new justices on the supreme court get called "noob" behind their back. Maybe they become the target of practical jokes around the building. You've got to think that there is more to these folks than the public persona we see. I wonder which one of them is the most gassy? You know if a group of people are around each other for very long everyone figures out who "the farter" is. The thought of all of the justices playing jokes on the new guys really cracks me. I can just imagine seeing thomas and suitor giggling like schoolboys because they lit fire to the back of "new guys" robe, thankful they aren't the new kid on the block anymore.