Thursday, October 20, 2005

being sick...


I took some much needed time off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Monday was great! I slept in for the first time in about six months. Lydia is on fall break so we really got to just hang out a bit. Tuesday I woke up with an intense burning in my throat. I assumed it was just my allergies kicking up. I didn't think much about it as dad and I shopped for new cell phones. Wednesday morning, I had an appointment with my new doctor. I'm ok...For the most part. As the day wore on, I continued to feel worse. By church time I was miserable, but I went and had choir practice anyway. This morning I have a full blown cold and I'm so miserable I could SCREAM. I have a lot of work to do today and tomorrow since I took off the first off the week, so I can't really go home. I would rather break a bone than have a runny nose.

Oh BTW I found the phone I wanted. It's an LG vx8100. very cool


Anonymous said...

I feel ya' man. The past couple of weeks has been pretty hectic for me. The six hour drive home (singing to the music most of the way) plus allergies plus being worn down equalled body shutting down. I feel pretty crappy starting yesterday afternoon. Hopefully, it'll be gone soon.

Anonymous said...

Now that you're not sick anymore, why don't you blog about your new phone? I'm surprised you haven't allready.