Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Dr Greenlee

During our recent trip to EKU homecoming, Lydia and I got to visit one our most favorite people. Dr. Greenlee was our choir director during the time we were in school, but He was so much more than just a teacher. He was a really great friend. He has been one of the biggest influences in my life and I constantly hear myself saying to my choir at church things he used to say. He always encouraged me by letting me know that I could make it as a professional musician if I wanted, but still supported the calling I had toward the ministry. He has profoundly affected my life in a way that few others have and I owe Him a debt of gratitude.

Famous Greenlee'isms

"hot fudge!"

"Tree's don't move"

"Let those crazies pass you by on the interstate you'll pull up right behind them at the exit"

"Put a quarter in it"

"Everyone's a quarterback. We have no second string"


Anonymous said...

When I retire I'm going to invent music on rollers...

And it was "Put a quarter in it, DEARHEART."

One of my absolute favorite Greenlee stories was about retiring...We were talking backstage at the Madrigal Dinner (Back when it was good and classy) and I said "Dr. Greenlee, what are you going to do when you retire?"
He said something like "Well, I'm going to sail on my boat and chase around redheads...I got a coupon the other day in the mail for a years supply of viagara."

to know him is to love him!