Friday, October 28, 2005


my work computer is fried and has been on the fritz most of the week. It's at the doctor for some repair work to the fried motherboard and processor. I usually blog from work.

Much like my computer, I have been to the doctor this week and found out I also need some repair work performed. I have kinda had a slight bulge on my stomach for a few weeks now. I can hear all of you laughing and saying that I've had it a bulge for a lot longer. Seriously, It turns out I have a epigastric hernia(this is not a picture of me, my breasts are much smaller) and will need surgery. It is scheduled for the morning of November 9th. Most probably I will be able to go home, but may have to stay overnight. It will be laproscopic surgery, which is better for recovery time. I guess most folks would say that it's not a serious surgery, but any surgery is seriouys when your the one who will be wearing the gown laying on the gurney. I would appreciate your prayers


Anonymous said...

my prayers are there. hope everything goes well.

Anonymous said...

I'm no doctor, but the hernia could have been a result of either a Casa Cafe withdrawal or too many Ale 8's! You are definitely in our prayers bro@

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how much that example picture looks like a VeggieTales character?!?! Can I call you Larry now?

Prayin' for you.