Thursday, March 8, 2007

Baby Talk

Cora isn't to the point where she says Mama or Dada yet, but she has said a couple of things accidentally that have been hilarious.
First, I may have shared this one already, but while Geron's mom was in the hospital a nurse walked in and said "Hey!" and Cora looked right at her and said "Hey!" right back. Hilarious moment number one, which also was caught on video.
Hilarious moment number 2 happened today. Apparently, while I was doing the laundry downstairs, Cora was yelling about something for no reason. Geron told her she was being bad and asked her if she wanted a spanking (which she has never had) and she said "Yeah!" I'm sure if and when she does get one she'll wish she hadn't said that.
There have been some other occasions where she has seemed to have said something like at the babysitter's house where she said "I Cora". I'm glad she knows who she is and look forward to when she tells us "You Mama" and "You Dada".


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Awww...She's doing all this growing up and I haven't even met her yet!