Wednesday, March 28, 2007


last night our first pastoral candidate came to preach and interview at the church. He is a nice guy and the pastor of a very successful Church in Roswell, NM. You know.... E.T. land ...Area 51..."We are not alone".... that place. We had kinda a regular service with everything just being a little shorter than usual. I led the music and was really nervous, because i'm kinda trying out for him too is he comes here. To complicate things the temperature was in the upper 80's yesterday so i was burnin up in my suit. and furthermore the pollen count is so bad here that everything has a coat of yellow on it from all of the pollen. So i wasn't really at my best, but that's ok i guess.

After He preached, he fielded questions from the audience for about an hour. I kept resisting the urge to ask him if aliens really did exist. I wish I would have. Pray for me through this transition time.


Anonymous said...

can't read this in white print with yellow background

Anonymous said...

Aliens really exist. Daniel is one.