Friday, June 15, 2007

How Cora is like Ralphie

Most of you who know me from way back when know that Ralphie was my pet lop-eared rabbit.  He went on to bunny heaven during my third year of college.
And now, how Cora and Ralphie are alike.
  • They both love to jump--Cora more specifically in a johnny jumper or while being held on someone's knee. She hasn't mastered the "jump as high as you can in the  air, twitch your whole body and then hop on down the hall" trick yet.  It has a degree of difficulty of 9.6. 
  • They poop anywhere they please.  Although we haven't found any "Cora bean-bean" behind the recliner yet.  MOST of it stays in her diaper.
  • They don't want to sit in your lap too long.  While Ralphie preferred laying beside you on the couch, Cora prefers jumping up and down on your legs for a few minutes and then being put down on the floor to go wherever she pleases.  Watch out! She's on the move!
  • They love the outdoors.  If we'd taken Ralphie outside for just a minute and let him hop wherever he pleased he'd be gone!  I learned later, from Holly, that I could have put him on a leash and he would've done well.  Cora's not quite as fast as Ralphie was, yet, but I will probably have to put her on a leash in a couple of months.
  • They both love carrots.  Cora's are still mashed, of course.  I can't compare the two in the teeth department yet as Cora has NONE.  I'm sure it won't be long, though, before I walk into the kitchen, see the refridgerator door open and find Cora behind it, gnawing on a carrot from the bottom shelf.  Ralphie loved this treat!
  • They both have cages...Cora's is called a "Pack and Play".  Unlike Ralphie, though, she enjoys being in her "cage".  Ralphie only stayed in his at night.  Thus, the bean bean behind dad's chair. 
  • They both enjoy eating the binding off books.  I know people say board books are good for kids while they're teething, but are they actually meant to be consumed?  Ralphie, on the other hand, had much finer tastes as he preferred to eat certain movements of my piano music that was left on the floor.  Now that Cora is crawling, I keep music in the bench, in a file cabinet, and anywhere else she can't get into, yet.
  • They both have cute ears.  Cora's aren't floppy.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I remember Ralphie. That's a cute comparison.

big hugs!

Becca said...

How much bean bean does Cora leave behind the piano?

Somehow, I can't imagine Cora staying completely still while you move toward her, then leaping over the couch in a single bound to get away in .6 seconds.

Anonymous said...

The leash really would have worked for Ralphie! Fletcher loved his... we went to all of Jeff's softball games that year. I had my rabbit; others had their dogs- all on leashes! I have to say though, that I don't like the leashes for kids!