Tuesday, July 31, 2007


When you're preparing for parenthood, people often tell you to enjoy the baby years 'they grow up so fast'. They tell you what you'll need for the nursery, sometimes what you WON'T need..Start buying diapers now...Start saving for college now...They tell you when to expect certain milestones to occur---walking, crawling, saying Mama and Dada...BUT noone can even give you an inkling of how to expect to FEEL when your child starts doing those things.
Sunday afternoon, Cora went home with a family from church and came back spoiled :) with new toys, but also with a new trick. One of the toys the family purchased for her was kind of like a baby lawnmower. Samantha put Cora down at the door to the sanctuary (right after church) with the toy and Cora came WALKING in at high speed!!! Yes, she was holding on to the toy, but this was a major fete for her! I wanted to jump up and down, to laugh, to cry---I was in awe of the moment--my BABY was evolving into a Little girl. In the nursery that evening, Samantha also showed me how Cora could now maneuver the riding toys. How did we miss this?? We've worked with her on these things at home, but on Sunday, something just clicked.
Today, I am again amazed at my 'little girl'. If you've ever read to a little one, then you know you have to be really animated to keep their attention or they will start chewing the book and trying to wiggle out of your lap.

So, we were reading a story about Easter and came to the part of God taking Jesus up into Heaven. And the words were something like "God took Jesus up, up, up!" and as I read them I pointed up a little higher each time for emphasis. Cora seemed to like how I'd said them, so I did it again, and then continued reading. The next thing I know, Cora is pointing her little hand up in the air saying "uhpuh! uhpuh! Uh puh! " I wasn't able to read for a little bit after that because my eyes were blurry and we were laughing and saying "Uh puh!"

Like those who tried to prepare me, I, too, will fail at describing to you the joy you will feel watching your child grow and express themselves. All I can say is it is AMAZING and gets better and better every day. And, yes, I have to go back to school this week. Lets not even discuss it.


Tooz said...

My arms miss my grandbaby! I do love her so much--and her mommy and daddy, too.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Oooh, I can't wait to meet this precious little darlin' at Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest thing I have heard all day! You are so right that nothing can prepare you for those times. It just takes your breath away, doesn't it? And you know what? Even though Bryan is 11, he still does it to me! I love this mom thing!!!