Sunday, December 30, 2007

Parties! Presents! and PawPaws! Oh my!

We have certainly had a Merry Christmas this year.  Cora is at a very fun age and has been able to really enjoy some aspects of Christmas.  She's attended several parties, one of which being the youth party held at our house.  This one was especially fun for her as Daddy's white elephant prize was a "kitty kitty" that she went crazy over. (Daddy, not so much, but noone would steal it from him after they saw how much Cora loved it.)  Cheeseballs--cheetoh's type--were also a new thing for her at the party and her body was a little orange for a few days afterward, proving how much she loved them. 
Presents--an entirely new experience this year.  Last year, Cora wasn't even sitting up yet at Christmas and seemed to be in a daze from staring at the Christmas tree lights.  This year, she was crazy about presents and was pretty good about keeping her fingers off the tree.  I know, it was an amazing accomplishment on our part!  HA!  Gift bags seemed to be easier for her to tear into--pulling tissue paper out and throwing it over her shoulder seemed to be a very fun game.  Who cares what was underneath it all?  She was also able to rip paper off some packages if someone started it for her.  And the look on her face and "Oooohhhs"  that accompanied her new discoveries were priceless.  Favorite present for Cora?  I would guess her bounce and spin Zebra.  Its also one of my faves to watch her play on. 
Finally, Cora spent plenty of time playing with both her PawPaws --PawPaw Brown and Grandpa Meadors.  Christmas Eve and Day were spent visiting the Brown side of the family, eating lots of good food and watching Cora play with new presents and try on new dresses.  I have a feeling she doesn't want to be a model--she wasn't too fond of her wardrobe changes.  My folks and brother came down on Wednesday and stayed til Saturday.  More games with Cora, way too many more presents from people who we rarely get to see but love to spoil our Cora, and more good food. 

It certainly has been a wonderful Christmas.  Here's looking to a Happy New Year!