Monday, January 7, 2008

Bottles, Sippy Cups...TOILETS??

If you know Cora Sophia, then you know she is fascinated by almost everything in a bathroom.  She is learning how to wash her own hands when we put soap in them and hold her up to the sink.  At bedtime, she opens her mouth wide for me to brush her teeth at the sink.  The toilet paper stand is a microphone, she's sure of it!  And taking a bath, no doubt, is her favorite pasttime!  Who doesn't love playing with their rubber duckie?  For Christmas, Santa brought Cora her very own potty chair which is one of the new highlights of visiting the bathroom.  She hasn't quite figured it out yet, mind you--take off her diaper and sit her on the potty.  She'll sit for a few minutes, do nothing, then walk across the hall to her room, go to a corner, squat and pee on the floor(thank the Lord for hardwood.)  But Cora is most enthralled by the BIG porcelain throne.  Quick anecdote--Mom/Granny was here a few months back and decided to wash dishes for us.  Instead of using the dishwasher, she just washed a few in the sink with a washrag.  Cora observed and later was found "washing dishes" in the toilet, washrag only--no dishes.  Phew!   Since that time, we have made it a point to keep the toilet lid closed as well as the bathroom door.  Better safe than sorry. 
Lately, we have failed in keeping the invisible padlock on the potty and a few times have walked in to Cora splashing her hands in the toilet water--pee free, thankfully.  We've washed her hands, told her not to play in the potty, and shut the door.  Tonight was, once again, a failure on our part and an even newer adventure on Cora's.  I had gone downstairs to work on laundry.  Due to the hardwood floors throughtout our house, I could hear the pitter patter of little feet running overhead.  I then heard some stronger footsteps and a "Cora, NO!  Mommeeee, come help!"  I quickly went upstairs to find Geron and Cora in the bathroom, the front of Cora's shirt and pants soaking wet and her animal crackers swimming in a pool of water in the kiddy bowl Geron had fixed for her earlier.  Apparently, the princess had dipped her animal cracker bowl in the throne and decided to have a DRINK!!!  SPEW!! YUCK!! GROSS!!  Definitely thankful there was no peepee in the water this time.  We stripped her down and gave her a bath and brushed her teeth extra long tonight. 

How about you guys?  This was definitely a first for me--I've never heard of any other children drinking from the toilet--puppies, yes, but children, no.  Any wild toddler/potty stories out there? 


Becca said...

If it makes you better, I was once caught drinking from the toilet as a child. I also sailed boats in the toilets, and on one memorable occasion at Grandma's, flushed a stuffed Big Bird and attempted to flush a plastic Sesame Street swingset.

Tooz said...

You need to get a toilet lock. Check them out--they have them at Wal-Mart, and I know they're affordable. Love you and love our little puppy.