Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hi, Dawdy!

We took Cora to a church softball game last night and she fell in love with someone's doggy. I think it was a golden retriever, maybe a year or two old. He was a very friendly dog and played well with Cora. The owner was playing in the game and had attached the dog's leash to the fence near the bleachers. So, Cora and the dog played quite a bit together.

At the end of one of the innings, the owner came over and held a water bottle to the dog's mouth for it to get a drink. Cora watched in fascination. When the game resumed, we saw Cora walking towards the bench where all the players' belongings were. I assumed she was going to go play with the other youngsters who were having a time in the dirt nearby. Instead, she picked up someone's water bottle and started heading towards the dog, holding out the bottle and wearing a look on her face of intense purpose. Geron caught her before she made it to the dog, but we knew exactly what she was doing. She wouldn't have accomplished her task, however, because the lid was screwed on the bottle and as far as I know, she hasn't figured out how to undo that yet.

When we left the game, lots of people were yelling goodbyes to Cora. She waved and blew a kiss here and there. But as we rolled the little red wagon toting cute baby girl out of the park, the only sound to be heard from the wagon was 'Bye bye dawdy! Bye dawdy! Bye Bye Dawdy!" (somebody's dog was dearly loved and was going to be sadly missed.)