Saturday, June 7, 2008

Whoop! Whoop!

Today we had our first big splash in the potty!!   Cora woke up dry after her nap, so I rushed her to the potty and sat her down on it.  We read her cow book 2 times and then Geron and I switched out.  (me back to the kitchen to finish dinner and him to finish potty).  As soon as I got to the kitchen Geron yelled “Mommy, Cora did potty!”  I ran to the bathroom, neglecting the green beans burning on the stove top, and saw Cora’s first potty peepee.  I was so proud!! 


We are keeping M&Ms in the bathroom for her reward, so we said “Cora, you get candy!”  She looked at us as if to say “What’s the big deal, people?  I did it on the dining room floor yesterday, in front of company, mind you, and you didn’t give me any candy then.”  Geron gave her 5 M&Ms and then he and I continued to brag on her and tell her how proud we were of her all through dinner. (a little potty talk at the table isn’t always considered bad manners.)  Hopefully, she’ll get the point and do it more often.


Way to go potty, Cora!!


Bird's Words said...

today at the mall, while in a stall in the restroom, a little excitedly announced that her mom had "made a good round poo". HILARIOUS!!
I guess today is the day for celebrating potty time!!
Way to go Cora...

Tooz said...

We are so proud of Big Girl Cora! Love you all!

AAGIL said...

That's great guys! Yay for Cora!