Sunday, July 13, 2008

Big Girl Bed Update

Cora has been sleeping in her big girl bed for about three weeks now, I think. So far, she's done farely well, but has fallen out a few times. At bedtime, I've been putting a pillow beside her in hopes of it helping keep her in bed. But, she's rolled and fortunately, the pillow has fallen so that she lands on it when she hits the floor. We are checking into a bed rail this week. She hasn't been hurt any time that she's fallen out of bed, but it breaks my heart to hear the thump and cry when it happens. (She's managed to stay safely put during nap, only falls out at night.) If anyone knows any other ideas besides the bed rails, please pass them on to us.


heather honaker said...

we used ONE bedrail for molly...and it was a soft mesh one. it worked great! nothing wrong with a bedrail, they aren't big enough to look like a crib rail.