Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Fun

I'd say Cora definitely enjoyed the fourth of July---doesn't take much to
entertain a toddler on this day. We grilled out with YaYa and had
watermelon for dessert. The weather was great, so Cora took a dip in her
pool after the watermelon "fest". People were already setting off
firecrackers around here at 5, so Cora enjoyed listening to and imitating
the "pop-pops!"

After a quick "almost-visit" to see PawPaw (Someone opened the doors to the
ICU while Cora was in the hallway and she took a mad dash in to find her
PawPaw...YaYa or Daddy caught her before she could get very far), we drove
home and watched fireworks on the way. More pop-pops with lots of color and
lights...a perfect way to end an almost 2-year-old's day.


Bird's Words said...

she is so big!! and gorgeous! i cannot wait to see her in person... hopefully soon.
i love ya'll~

Anonymous said...

awww...wish we could have been with ya'll! So glad to hear that things are getting closer to normal up there! So much love and prayers...