Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A few more funnies from today

We were eating Barbecue with Cora tonight.  One of our sides was cole slaw and I was trying to get Cora to try it.  She's eaten it before and liked it a lot so I was kind of frustrated that she wasn't even tasting it tonight.  I ate a bite of mine and said "Mmmm. This is good."  Sometimes she'll try something if we give her a bite of our's.  So, I held my fork in front of her mouth and said "Here, try Mommy's."  She looked at me like I was blind and said "I have mine on my plate.  Try mine, Mommy. "  I took a bite of her's and said  "Oooh that's good."  She responded "Here, Mommy, try some more."  

So the kid didn't want to eat it.  Okay.. We did eventually get her to try it by promising her a cookie after dinner.  For some reason, she wasn't into the slaw tonight.  

Our other funny occurred during American Idol.  Kris Allen was singing "All She Wants to Do is Dance".  Cora grabbed her mic and pulled it to the middle of the floor.  She was dancing all over the place and started singing  "all she wants to do it.  All she wants to do it."  And, Geron said at one point she was singing "I don't want to do it."