Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Toddler Talk

A couple of random things Cora has been up to lately or has talked about recently in a funny way...

On clothing:
When she plays in her pool, she has to wear a "babing soup".

On bodily functions:
She seems to be quite proud of and fascinated with her ability to poop in the potty.  She likes to examine her work after her 'performance' and almost always exclaims "That's a BIG OL'POOP!"  The other night she made one that was about half an inch in diameter.  She seemed to be in shock and stammered for a minute "That's a bab- that's a bab- that's a bab' THAT'S A BIG OL' POOP!"  

Learning new words:
When Cora takes a bath, I often recite my favorite poem from "In Living Color".  It goes like this:
I see your hiny
All bright and shiny!
You better hide it 
before I bite it!

So, Cora was naming some of her body parts the other night, pointed to her bum and said "That's my shiny!"

Reminding us that she's not a baby anymore:
Tonight, Geron asked Cora to turn the dining room light off.  Without help or suggestion, she went to the table, pushed a chair to the wall, climbed up and flipped the switch. Then, she climbed down and pushed the chair back over to the table.  

My little girl is getting so big!  I will try to post a pic of her soon...her shiny looks so cute in her babing soup!


Tooz said...

Has it been warm enough down there that she can put on her babing soup and go wimmin?