Monday, April 6, 2009

Cute things Cora has said lately

After my mom and dad visited last week, my sister asked Mom for some cute things Cora had said.  So, I decided I would post a few for anyone who cares to know what my sweet, silly girl is up to lately.

When asked what she wanted to eat at Amigo's last week and having heard a few choices, she responded "a bich-a-ladoe"...Most people call this an ENCHILADA.  This was my mom's favorite.

After hitting me on the hand, I asked her "What did you just do?"  She looked down very solemnly and said "I need to go sit in time-out" and walked over and sat in her time-out chair.  

She stood by as I was changing Cohen's diaper and Cohen peed on his clothes.  "You're going to half to sit in time-out, Cohen."

When she came home from day care today, Geron was getting her out of the car and told her she could carry her coloring picture or her bag of wet clothes (UGH!) into the house.  She said "I want that!" and pointed at the picture.  She started toward the garage and then pointed at the bag and said "No, I want that one" and traded with Geron.  As they approached the back door, she again said "No, I want that one!" And traded Geron for the picture.  Geron said "You're silly" to which she replied "I'm not a monkey."

She has also said and done some very sweet things lately.

Yesterday, we got to meet her Uncle Sean' new lady friend.  Cora actually spent most of the day with them.  So, last night, I asked Cora "Do you like Sarah?"  She said this. "Yes.  She's very nice."  No prompting there, people, just a sweet girl!

And then this afternoon, she was looking around for Cohen, who was in his bed taking a nap.  She and I tiptoed into their room and she climbed up on the side of his crib to peek at him.  His blanket was bunched up at the end of his bed.  So, she pulled it over to him and tried to lay it on him.  She said "Here's his blanky, Mommy. Put his blanky on him."  

Cora is such a fun girl.  She keeps us in stitches and I really need to write all the things she does down in a book for me to enjoy, but for now I'll settle for posting a few on the blog every now and then.  Just now she climbed up in my lap, pointed at the screen and said "It's a Puter!"   And of course she wanted to know what this was all about.  Then she began asking me to show her where "O, C, R, and 2" were on the keyboard.  Gotta go for now...It's her bedtime. Looking forward to who and what she's going to ask Jesus to help tonight.

OH, just remembered, after pooping in the potty today, she pointed at one of her 'makings' in the potty and said "That poopy is a snowman.  It's a puppy!"


ann said...

Awesome. Big laughs. She is so wonderful. :-)

Oh, and I like the one Mom told me about Cohen "spitting."

Becca said...

Just had to share what CJ told me earlier today: "Mommy, I made a big giant poopy snake come out my butt!"

Unknown said...

Avery's first poopy in the potty was a "hot dog". :)

I have no idea why this and the last comment came up as Evan. It's obviously not him, but his Mamma!