Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday Number 3 and Walking Take 2

It's official! Cora Sophia is three years old!  And I think she'll be 20 on her next birthday.  I think she feels that way about it, anyway.  We celebrated this past Saturday at the local park.  Beautiful weather, beautiful birthday girl!  Close friends and family were able to come party with us.  Tons of presents were opened, or I should say unwrapped.  Cora got a kitchen from us for her birthday, so most other guests gave her something to go along with it, which means lots and lots of tiny play food and dishes to lose.  We opened all that kind of stuff at home.  And so far, everyone, she's loved playing with ALL her gifts!  She is quite the little 'chef"!  And Cora is not the only one who is enjoying the new toys.  Baby brother is having a hay day with the electronic kitchen gadgets as well.  

I should add that Baby Brother is now WALKING!!!  So, he'll be really into Cora's toys and everything else now.  Not climbing yet, well, climbing stairs, but we don't have those to worry about in our house.  Cohen took his first steps (THAT I GOT TO SEE) tonight at home.  Apparently, he's already taken some at day care that Geron told me about tonight.  It's killing me, people!  Moms are only supposed to know about the first steps WE get to see.  Any taken before that moment are null and void.  

So, anyway, there are probably some birthday pics to see around this blog somewhere, so please enjoy our three year old's special day pics.  By the way, when asked what her favorite thing about the party was, it wasn't the toys or playing with her buddies William and Matthew---whom she wanted to play with instead of open presents. What kind of girl is she???  (Well, they are pretty cute boys, though!)  Her favorite thing was the cake!


NCThorps said...

Yeah Happy Birthday sweet Cora!! We love you and celebrate your life today and always!!