Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kids and stuff

Our kids continue to amuse us daily.  Here are some recent happenings for your blog viewing pleasure.  

Cohen...His personality is really starting to shine.  He loves to dance to anything with a beat.  He can certainly get his groove on.  Another past time Cohen enjoys is something we like to call 'nakey time".  After his bath, I get him out of the tub, cover him up with a hooded towel and send him running into the living room to play with Geron while I finish Cora's bath.  When its time to get dressed after bath time is over, Cohen throws a fit.  Without guidance, I could see him easily joining a nudist colony when he's older.  Babble has finally transitioned to talking with phrases like "I want juice" (or cheese---little boy after his daddy's heart), "I did it!"  "I don't know" and "What's that?"  Cohen has also shown signs of fear--but even that amuses us a little because what he's afraid of is a character on Sesame Street.  Stinky the Plant, as my friend Dana put it, is a bit temperamental and has quite a gruff voice.  For whatever reason, it scares Cohen.  He's actually terrified of the thing.  So, we've decided to delete those episodes from tiVo. 

Cora...She tickles us daily with her view of the world.  She has moments of sweetness that warm our hearts like nothing else.  She has started praying on her own at bedtime and says some of the dearest things.  Tonight she prayed "Dear Jesus, please bless our family.  Help us to be kind and loving and to help each other.  In Jesus name I pray. Amen."  She talks about our friends who recently lost a baby and says "Mommy, Mrs. Chasity's baby is in heaven."  Speaking of Heaven, on the way home from church today she was singing a song about going to Heaven.  Halfway through she sings "everybody's talking about, everybody's going there Heaven, Heaven--I'm not going to Heaven!"  Geron asked "Where are you going?" She answered "Kindergarten!" and then started singing "Oh, I'll go to Kindergarten when I'm five!" We pray that she will go to Heaven, but to her going to Kindergarten first seems to be vital.  

Being parents is an amazing adventure.  We are blessed with two beautiful children who bless our hearts every day.  I don't understand why or how some people could choose to never have children.  When I see how Cora and Cohen play together, I sometimes find myself wanting to add even more children to our family.  Raising them is a difficult but rewarding role and I thank God for the opportunity to be a mom.  I pray that I will be worthy of the calling and that my children will know Him because of who He is in my life.  


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I love reading about your kids and can't wait to finally meet them! And I'm happy to be one of the first to wish you a happy birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Yes, you are really blessed to have your wonderful family! I am so happy for you.

ann said...


Who is the girl in your Smugmug pictures in the pink puffy coat?