Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Hear Somefin! '

While we don't live in the center of New York City, we have quite a few sounds that surround our home in the evening.  Neighbors' dogs barking, redneck neighbors revving their engines at 11p.m., occasional party crowds, train whistles, and because we live close to an expressway, sirens (police, fire engines, and ambulances).  

Cohen tickles me whenever he hears something unusual to his routine.  Suddenly his eyes get really wide, his mouth drops open and he says "Hear somefin!"  Then, we wait quietly as he tries to recognize what's making the sound.  The other night this happened.  The sound was a fire engine, or police car most likely.  He looked surprised for a minute and said "Fire engine!" and then completely regained his usual composure and plainly stated "Its on tivo'd".