Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just in case you didn't see it on facebook

The quote of the day in our house is actually scripture---although Cora tweaked it a little bit. 
Tonight she sang  "Romans 16:19 says 'Be accident at what is good. Be innocent of Egypt'". She proceeded to sing a little bit more of it before I lost it saying "and the God of peace will soon crush the station" or maybe it was "spaceship", either way, I'll be teaching her what it REALLY says---The God of peace will soon crush SATAN! underneath His feet!  

Actually, after the day we've had, I really needed to hear that verse from her tonight.  She has had a very hard day---being quite the sassy, defiant one.  My mom says she's testing me to see who's boss.  Well, I think its me and she thinks its her but now that I've heard that verse, it's definitely GOD.  And she and I are going to be learning what that really means together.