Monday, October 18, 2010

What was that again?

Earlier, Cora and I were in Wal Mart (Heather, we almost took a picture for ya---ask me later) and Cora saw something that caught her eye.  She pointed up and said "Look, Mommy, its a ----- (and proceeded to say a word I didn't expect her to know and never want to hear from her mouth again.)  I looked to see what she was pointing at as I tried to compose myself.  She said it again "its a -----" and a few people looked and giggled.  I was mortified but had the shock giggles, too.  I quickly walked her away from where we were and explained that she shouldn't say what she'd been saying.  She had no idea she was actually cussing and only thought she was saying a word she already knew, in a funny way by replacing the beginning sound. When she realized it was inappropriate, she stopped.  

I can easily say I know she didn't hear that word from me and know that she was saying it innocently, but I do have to keep a guard on my lips around her and it is not always easy.  Once when she was tiny, I was driving somewhere and another driver wasn't paying attention and pulled out in front of me.  I yelled "Crazy lady!" and from the back seat a tiny voice piped up "Cady lady!"  I knew then how quickly children pick up words from us and how closely they watch us. In our home, butt, crap, stupid and shoot are cuss words.  My kids know not to say these words.  Today was a flashing light to me that I must continue to guard MY mouth and be careful of what I listen to because young ears are listening.  I beg you to do the same.


ann said...

A mommy was telling me she and her family were in Epcot and she had to confront some gentlemen who were using words like that right next to her 3 year old daughter. At Epcot! Come on, people.