Saturday, June 25, 2005


Today Lydia and I got a new digital camera. Great bargain from Staples, who woulda thunk. These are among the first pictures we took. There would be more, but Lydia said I shouldn't ask the Olive Garden waitress to be in our pictures. So I didn't.

We will be going on vacation soon, and we have been wanting a new digital camera. Hopefully, we will be able to add picture on a somewhat regular basis. We don't get to see a lot of our buddies very often since moving to chattanooga. I've always loved pictures, and always hated getting film developed, so this will help. Currently we have about three roles of undeveloped 35mm film. The most recent is at least a year old.

If your curious our new camera is an Olympus C-765.


Anonymous said...

What did you NAME your new camera?

Anonymous said...

you're right. you look just the same!!
Email me a phone number and I'll give you guys a call this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Why should I care???

Anonymous said...

I named mine, "Digit-Al." I also thought about "For Meg" and "Thir-T-Zoom."