Monday, June 27, 2005


I'm starting to dislike mondays. I've met pastors who acted all depressed on mondays, and I personally aways thought they needed to be medicated. But recently I've started to feel a little run down on monday myself. I guess I'm getting old or something. Most of you know sunday is a big day for me bein' a minister and all. This morning I got up at 10:30. It was great! Now before you start judgin' me consider this: I work 6 days most weeks and besides monday is my day off.

Happy Monday Everyone


Anonymous said...

You need to take off on Fridays! That's the biblical day for all ministers to take off! (NOT)
I was off today too!! and I'm off tomorrow as well!!

love ya bro!

Anonymous said...

Geron and Lydia

I love the site!! I also miss you both. Since you have all of this free time on Monday's we need to all get together soon!! Hope all is well!!