Wednesday, June 22, 2005

my guilty little secret

ok I admit it! I'm a huge TV addict! There is nothing I enjoy more more than coming in from a long day at work, popping the top on a frosty ale-8-one and watch the goodies my TiVo has recorded for me. But, It's summertime now, and I'm really starting to suffer withdrawal from all of my regular shows. I've been severely hooked on LOST. It has brilliant writing and features a very talented ensemble cast. During the summer TV drought my attention has turned to an old friend. I've been a trekkie(although i prefer trekker) forever, and never really got to see much of Deep Space Nine when it originally aired. I think it came on at a weird time or something. Now, thanks to spiketv, it comes on twice a day. Even though the wife doesn't understand, I still thoroughly enjoy it. The strange looking alien makeup makes her sick to her stomach or something. I think the reason I enjoy it so much is because it takes me back to when I was a teenager in Louisiana. I miss the homeland a lot, and don't get back to visit enough.


Anonymous said...

One of my friends and I were just recently discussing how summertime is such a bore for us tv lovers. She suggested that summer time is when she pulls out all the books she's been saving up to read, which made me feel a little dense as I lay on my couch skipping the commercials on my tivo. But no, I didn't get up and turn off the tv.