Thursday, June 23, 2005

live music

I was thinking today about concerts. Last week was riverbend here in chattanooga. I didn’t go because there weren’t many artists that I wanted to see. In addition. I’ve never been a real fan of mingling with the drunken masses. However, If I was I would have gone here. Killer lineup and only an hour away.

What’s the best group, artist, concert you’ve ever seen, and what’s the one that you’ve never seen, but always wanted too.

I guess the best live show I’ve ever seen, was a group called Manhattan Transfer. The vocal jazz group at EKU went to hear them in Danville, KY. They were fabulous, if you’re into the whole vocalharmonyjazzacapellatightvocal thing.

I guess the best show I’ve never seen is a toss up. Lyle Lovett has long been a fave of mine(thanks mark), but I’ve never seen him live. I’m planning to see him next month though. So I guess the other would have to be U2. They’re music has greatly influenced me, along with most everyone else born in my generation.

What’s yours?


Anonymous said...

Before this past May, I would have said a tossup between Danielson Famile (Cornerstone 99) and The Choir (Evansville, IN 94). But now, hands down, The Decemberists.
If you get a chance to see them, don't pass it up.