Monday, September 19, 2005

tv time

I've posted before about my great love for television, and it's time for all the premier's to start. So today, I used my day off to plan what will be TiVo'd this fall.

9:00 - Las Vegas [starts tonight]
10:00 - American Chopper on Discovery

8:00 - NCIS
9:00 - Amazing Race

9:00 - LOST [on Livingroom TiVo]
9:00 - Apprentice: Martha Stewart [on Bedroom TiVo]

3:37 AM - Veronica Mars [great show repeated on our local CBS affiliate at an ungodly hour because we don't have UPN]
8:00 - Survivor [LR TiVo]
8:00 - Alias [BR TiVo]
9:00 - Apprentice

7:00 - Firefly repeats on scifi


Anonymous said...

If a show, such as LOST doesn't come on at its regular time because a LOCAL ballgame is on in its place, will the Tivo record the ballgame automatically? Or does it know to only record the said show that comes on at whatever time it is that Lost comes on?

What is that craziness down below?

Anonymous said...

will you be haiku-ing tomorrow? I've missed them.

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas (cool - thumbs up)
American Chopper (another cool)

I'm going to try out a few shows this season as well -
Mon - How I met Your Mother (CBS)
Tue - My Name is Earl (NBC)
Wed - Freddie (maybe)
Thur- JOEY (NBC)
Fri - anything with the title STARGATE in it (SCIFI) or Threshold (CBS), and NUMB3RS (CBS)