Friday, December 30, 2005


Well today we are heading home. We had a good visit with all of the family. My Meme Brown's health is not all that good and she gets pretty lonely. She may have to in live with my uncle in Louisiana. We might stop today in Memphis for ribs at The Rendevous if we have time.


Anonymous said...

Geron - this whole blog thing does one of two things - shows how efficient you are with your time to be able to update the planet on your life or how much time you waste tinkering with what I tease Jeff about in creating an electronic diary. Just kidding dude - it was kind of cool to kind of catch up with you by reading what has been going on with you on your blog. Nothing major going on with us - I mean you know us - boring as beige! No kids and continually wondering what next - sometimes so much so I miss out on what NOW! Miss your charismatic speech when praying in public and sacrasm. Tell Lydia hey for us.

Anonymous said...

dude...if you go to Rendevous, pick up some ribs for me and stop by richmond to drop them off. Love the Rendevous!