Saturday, December 24, 2005

not a creature was stirring

Well not much to report here. Yesterday was my birthday, I slept in. Then I got up and took a shower first. It is always hotter than going second like I do the other 364 days a year. And besides I didn't have to worry about getting hair all over me from the previous user. We went to a movie[Dick and Jane] It was ok. Not great, but just ok. We went out last night to one of my favorite restaurants. PRIME RIB! Oh Baby! 12oz of melt in your mouth meaty goodness. Then I went to Barnes and noble to use a gift card that I had received from one of my coworkers. I bought the latest offering from my favorite author; Orson Scott Card. He's best known for the amazing novel "Enders Game" But writes other stuff in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy area. I got the new novel, Magic Street. I haven't started it yet. Going to read it on the journey to Oklahoma to see my grandmother.

Oh yeah we might be moving. Not away, just across town. We would be 5 or 6 minutes from both of our jobs, instead of the 20 minutes we have now. Nice little house.

Well have a great Christmas. I'll try to post regularly next week, but no promises.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Geron (& Lydia!)... A friend of mine "forced" me to read Ender's Game, and I loved it!