Tuesday, December 13, 2005

bustin' my chops

You know I would think that my own wife would realize that I have have been extremely busy lately. I guess I was wrong. The first email I get this morning is my wife, fussing at me for not updating my blog often enough. She even went so far as to compare my lack of updating to a certain somersetian now living in the Nashville area. You know I guess she forgot that December is like the busiest month for everyone, and especially ministers. I guess she also forgot that Sunday was our choir musical that we have been rehearsing for the last 2 months. Or maybe she doesn't realize that in my spare time I've taken on an extra job so her and the kids can new shoes for Christmas. Wait that's not me. That's one of those movies of the week that saturate the airwaves at this time of the year instead of new episodes of lost. Well anyway, I have been busy.

I had my last checkup from my surgery this morning. Doc says I'm doing well. Everything looks good and I should be able to resume all of my usual activities in next few weeks. But I wonder how long I could really milk the whole, "I'm not allowed to do any heavy lifting" thing if I really applied myself. I can just imagine it now...

"Honey, You know we have to move, so call me when the new house is ready and everything is moved in because..".

"No dearest, I don't think I will be able to hold your exremely heavy winter leather coat for you while you try dresses on in the dressing room for the next two hours. You remember what the doctor said"

" Son, have fun at school. Your mother will have to help you move into the dorm because you know about my condition. Hey don't forget your cinder blocks."

merry Christmas folks, uh if your wondering what to get for my birthday on the 23rd, I'm kinda into pudding right now.


Anonymous said...

or " I really want to help carry in the 50 bags of groceries, but..." Yeah, now that I've seen this blog, you're not going to get away with any of the above.

Proud of you for finally posting, though.

Anonymous said...

When I see you in Gatlinburg... plenty o' pudding for you! :)

Anonymous said...

YAY! Geron's back!!!!