Monday, July 2, 2007

Doggone Crazy!

Cora is crazy about dogs!!  We don't have one, yet.  We'll have to move before we can have one, but in the meantime, Cora is enjoying other people's dogs.  She's basically growing up with her sitter's dog, Bailey.  Bailey is some type of spaniel, I guess maybe Cocker.  She's a beautiful black and white dog and as sweet as can be.  Bailey is around kids every day so she's used to their shenanigans.  When Cora first started going to TonTon's (sitter) she and Bailey developed a very close bond.  Bailey would lay on the bed in the room where Cora napped and wouldn't get up until Cora got up from nap.  Sometimes Bailey would lay her head on Cora while Cora napped.  They're crazy about each other!  Cora, I'm sure, is missing her good pal Bailey this summer. 
Another good doggy friend of Cora's is Sugarbear, her YaYa and PawPaw's dog.  Sugarbear is an American Sharpei, you know, a wrinkle dog.  At first I was worried that Sugarbear would be rough with Cora and bite her--she can be a pretty wild dog sometimes--but Sugarbear was and is actually very gently with our girl.  In fact, if Cora is crying, Sugarbear will go to her people and try to get them to check on Cora and make sure she's okay.  Sugarbear knows Cora as "The Baby".  PawPaw can say "Sugarbear, where's the baby?" and Sugarbear will go right to Cora. 
Molly is Cora's newest doggy friend.  Molly is a german shepherd mix belonging to Becky andTom, friends of ours from church.  Whenever we go to Becky's, Molly always greets us, tail wagging.  Cora tries to talk to Molly.  She'll yell at her and bounce up and down trying to get at her.  We put her down on the ground and let Molly come over to her.  Molly is always very good with Cora, even when Cora yanks a handful of her fur. 
Lots of kids, especially little kids, tend to be afraid of dogs.  They panic if a dog comes near them, even if its a tiny little chahuahua, and if it barks at them, well that means the dog is about to eat them for sure!  Our Cora is not at all this way.  Be it Rottweiler, Great Dane, Old English Sheep Dog, --if it has four legs and barks, no matter how loud, it means our Cora has a friend for life. 


Tooz said...

I hope Cora will get to meet her cousin Molly pretty soon--they would be friends, I know. Cousin Molly is also a German Shepherd mix--must be something about that Shepherd that makes them so good with little lambs. Love you all.