Sunday, July 1, 2007

ESPN Baby-style

Cora proved herself quite the athlete at camp this past week.  She could compete in track, hotdog eating contests, swimming and even, diving. 
Lets start with track...Cora is really crawling now.  She almost hops--Leapfrog, anyone?  She's developing her skill and will be ready to compete in baby hurdles next summer, I'm sure. 
Second, hotdog eating contests.  While Cora didn't have an actual hotdog this past week, she did do a lot of eating.  And with TWO teeth coming in now, she's ready for some real food to break'em in on.  So far her favorites are pickles and lemons, and new today, pineapple.  She tried some potroast, but couldn't get it broken down enough to swallow.  (Let me tell you, when you think your baby is chewing potroast really well and five minutes later, you see it wadded up in between her cheeks and gums, its NASTY!)
Swimming Cora has down to a T.  She is ready for the Medley relay!! She loves loves LOVES swimming!! Going under water is no big deal at all for her.  She can tell when she's about to go under--its really cute.  She squints her eyes and closes her mouth, so great.  She also enjoyed the waterslide at the pool which we went down twice. 
Finally, diving--No, she didn't go off the diving board.  She didn't even dive in the pool.  Did you know diving is actually a bedroom sport?  It involves a high bed and a stupid mommy.  I put her down on the bed, too close to the edge, just for a second so that I could pick something up.  As soon as I go to pick her back up, she's diving face first off the bed onto the carpeted floor.  I'm talking a three foot diving bed, here.  She hit nose first and flipped over.  Thankfully, she was not injured except for a carpet burn from forehead to tip of nose.  She and I both cried for about 5 minutes and then calmed down.  We won't be participating in any diving for the rest of the summer, though.  Well, I might, off a diving board, but Cora certainly won't. 
For now, the only sport we'll be participating in today will be a sleep marathon.  Good night!


ann said...

one of my favorite babies at work participated in that same sport and had the same injury. very scary.

did you guys really go to camp?