Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How'd she get up there?

While we were on vacation, we stayed in a place with an open stairway.  Everyone was concerned that we'd need a gate to keep Cora from trying to climb the stairs.  However, she attempted and couldn't figure it out, so we didn't worry about the gate. 
Since we've been back, we haven't worried about stairs because ours are behind closed doors, which can also be locked. 
The stairs at church are another story and haven't been a concern--til today.  On Sunday, Geron worked with Cora on climbing the stairs.  She wasn't able to do it by herself, but they worked on it for awhile.  Today, while waiting for Geron to go to lunch, Cora and I sat at the bottom of the stairs to the office.  She crawled over to them and pulled herself up.  She grabbed a hold of the third step and used it to pull herself up to the next step.  Before I knew it, she was climbing, by herself.  She only made it two steps and I was right behind her, in case she should fall.  Those steps were hardwood.  The stairs about ten feet away, going up to the choir loft, are carpeted.  So, I took her over to them to let her try them out.  She climbed all 5 right into the sanctuary!  Looks like there's no taking your eyes off her for even a second anymore. 

If I'm bald the next time you see me, now you'll understand why. 


Tooz said...

All right, Cora! Way to go! You'll keep that mommy on her toes, won't you? We love you!