Saturday, August 23, 2008

BIG surprise!

Today is Cora's 2nd birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CORA!!

I think Cora decided she needed to prove to us that she is really a big girl this weekend. Yesterday, from the time she came home from preschool, every time she told me she wanted to go potty, she actually DID go potty. And last night she REALLY went potty. She made her first poopy in the potty! YEA CORA!!! Nobody had to yank her out of her squatting position and race to the bathroom...she KNEW she had to go, told me, and we went. Today at naptime, she did it again...poopy in the potty, that is. I am soooooo proud of my big girl. And we're already going to Chucky Cheese for her birthday anyway, so we'll celebrate a little extra there.


ann said...

Congratulations. What pleasant timing to have that one getting out of diapers when you're starting with the new one. Very nice of her.

That is one very pretty big girl.

ann said...

I just thought of something. By "celebrate a little extra" at Chucky Cheese, did you by chance mean that Chucky Cheese might give Cora a little extra reason to celebrate her new ability? I think it would have that effect on me.

Tara said...

Yeah for Cora! Once she gets the feeling of pooping on the potty it's sorta easy going from there. That's how it is for boys anyway. Does that mean I could have all my kids out of diapers when Avery turns two in just six more months??? I think maybe Avery needs some more English ability before I tackle that. :)

rache76 said...

Conratulations!!!! It is amazing the little things that we take for granted... for the children it is a whole new world!!!!

She is sooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Suze said...

Oh, I dream of that day. Daniel is actually doing #1 okay (not great, but ok), which is good for a boy his age, but #2 JUST AIN'T HAPPENIN'!!

Your little girl is gorgeous, by the way. And congrats on Cohen. Isn't it nice to have one of each?