Saturday, August 9, 2008

Newborn Life

It's been four days since baby Cohen came into this world and I'm head-over-heels in love! With every new baby/family member there are adjustments, and we're making it. Geron has been an awesome husband and daddy this week---always. He can't exactly feed Cohen in the middle of the night, but he's gotten up to change diapers without a complaint. I love to watch him bond with Cohen and hear him call him "son". There's something about a daddy and his boy...Cora is doing pretty well, too. I was worried about her being jealous, but she doesn't seem to be yet. Instead she seems very ADD about Cohen. One minute she's shouting "HI BABY TOHEN!!" at the top of her lungs, trying to kiss him and give him high-5's and the next minute she's running around 'cutting shines' trying to make everyone laugh, as usual---and being successful at that! My mom and dad have been down here all week helping with Cora.

Thursday was our first full day home. So, Granny and Grandpa took Cora to the children's museum downtown. Cora loved it, of course, and I think mom and dad really loved seeing how much Cora enjoyed it. Friday, they took her to the zoo and again, had a blast. I wasn't sure who had more fun, actually, my dad or Cora. I wish I could've gone.

Friday was also Cohen's first trip to the doctor for a well-baby visit. After scoring top marks on his APGAR test in the hospital, I assumed all would be well and good. Instead, we went home with a baby who had jaundice and had a photo unit delivered to our house later that afternoon to keep lights on Cohen 24/7 until his billirubin levels went down. We returned to the doctor this morning to see if things had changed and were told the level was exactly the same as yesterday, so we're up for another night of our little 'glo-worm'. Early this afternoon, I noticed (I really think the Lord brought it to mind for me to check) that a switch on the machine was set on the wrong setting, so I fixed that and am hoping that things will be corrected by tomorrow. We go back to the doctor in the morning so please pray that all goes well through the evening.

My parents went home to Georgetown today. They left right before Cora's nap. They have definitely spoiled her this week, as all grandparents do. I think she will be missing them pretty badly when she sees that I can't take her to do all the fun things she's gotten to this week, at least not for awhile. Pray for her as she adjusts to being a big sister. I think she's going to make a great one. And pray for us as we learn how to raise 'two littles', as my fried Carla says, that we will teach them wisely and that they will always know they are loved.

Blessing on all of you! Stop by and see our newest addition when you can!


ann said...

Okay, i will!

Thanks a lot for the update. I was wondering how Cohen was doing. That's great that you were able to fix that setting on the machine. How special.

I think you are a wonderful mommy becuase you pray for your children so faithfully and love them so completely.

Congratulations, again, to all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Let's see if I can manage to leave a comment this time. I really like to read your blog and see how Cora is growing and now to see little baby boy Cohen to grow too. He is absolutely the cutest baby boy I know overseas ;-) I wish all the best and God bless your family!
With best regards,