Thursday, August 28, 2008

Potty Training...HELP!!!

Cora has really started to get the hang of going potty.  She’s been peeing in the potty for quite a bit of the summer and just recently surprised us by doing number 2 TWICE in the potty this past weekend.  On Monday, she went grocery shopping with Geron at the local Wally World and used a BIG potty without complaint. In the evenings this week, she has told us when she needed to go potty, we’ve taken her, and she has used it 99% of the time (dry diaper every time except for some poopies). 




While we are having great success with Cora at home and when we are out, she is refusing to use the potty at preschool/day care.  Her teachers are both really sweet ladies and one of them is QUEEN of potty trainers.  The potty in Cora’s classroom is a toddler-size version of a real, flushing toilet.  Nothing there to be scared of really, especially since she’s been sitting on larger toilets in public places and now at home.  So, does anyone have an idea why Cora won’t use the toilet at school?  Geron suggested that perhaps he and I are the only people she trusts to take her to the potty.  It makes since.  ADVICE is welcome.  Please help!




Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Since she does not object to the large sized potties, you might ask the ladies at daycare if they will try taking her to the big potty the adults use at daycare. This may ease her in to knowing it's expected that she use a potty at school, and not go in her panties. Then they can ease her into using the little potty all the other kids use.

Becca said...

Jenn's advice could work, since there's that option. I think it's what it they clue into--I have the opposite problem with CJ. He'll happily use the tiny toilets at daycare, but has no interest in using the big one at home. He has a potty chair and a "booster seat" for the big potty, but seems to prefer the tiny one.

Unfortunately, I don'thave one of those here at home.

Tara said...

I would wonder if it is on her schedule and prompting or if it is "potty time" and they line everyone up and all go at the same time.

Also, maybe they are rushing her instead of letting her take her time.

Also, I wonder if you know what a blessing it is that your two year old is practically potty trained! Maybe it's because they're boys, but all three of the boys weren't potty trained anywhere NEAR their second birthday. More like the third. As I wondered earlier, I wonder if Avery will be trained around her second birthday in 6 months!

Tara said...

Also, do you use rewards at home and they don't at school??? Stickers, m/ms mini marshmallows etc. I used one for number one and two for number two! :)

Tooz said...

Wonder how it would be if Cora saw you pack some m&m's in her diaper bag for her to get "if she goes potty at school". Maybe if she knows they're there, it will entice her to use the potty. Love you.