Monday, March 2, 2009

pip pop parry?

Recently we upgraded our old Tivo to a new Dual-Tuner HD Tivo. If you have small children, and don’t have Tivo… you don’t know what your missing. It is the best thing to control what your children do and don’t watch on TV. We have it set up so it automatically records some of Cora’s favorite shows during the daytime, so in the evenings when we are trying to fix dinner, there’s always something for her to watch.

For a while now we have been recording several shows daily including: The Wonder Pets, Sesame Street, Barney, and Olivia. Recently we decided to try adding some new shows. Some of Cora’s new favorites are Franklin and Hip Hop Harry or as She Calls it “Pip-Pop-Parry”.

Hip Hop Harry is a giant rapping bear with mad flava, a sweet gold chain, and sports a throwback bucket hat like classic LL. He teaches kids educational things and it has a lot of dancing. It is quite fun to watch cora dance along with it. Tonight She was really getting down with Harry and the kids.

check out this sample