Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Funnies related to Cora's Surgery

Cora had tubes put in her ears yesterday and also had her adenoids removed.  During and related to the days' proceedings, we had several funny moments with her.  The first came as her anesthesia began taking effect.  She got quite loopy and said the first things that came to mind I'm guessing.  When her YaYa called to see how things were progressing, Cora piped up "Hi, YaYa!  You wanna go to Walmart?  You wanna go to a movie with me?"  As she grew more groggy, her eyes began to look glazed and we could tell she would soon be out.  So, we (Geron, his dad, and I) tried to get Cora to sing a bit.  The Itsy Bitsy Spider became "duh inny bih-ee Spa" and that was about it.  

 cora did very well in surgery and recovered VERY quickly.  She was back to her wild self within an hour after surgery pretty much.  In fact, she was extremely wired for much of the day.

Last night when Holly called, she asked Cora "what happened to her at the hospital".  Cora replied "They took my ears out."  

She tickles me.  It's always something new and unexpected with her.  

Thanks to all who prayed for her and us this week.  She is doing very well and we are looking forward to good, healthy days for her!


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Glad to hear she's doing well!

Bird's Words said...

I have told about her having her "ears out" to several people! too cute! So glad that she is okay!