Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Does God Laugh At Us?

I think God uses lots of moments with my kids to teach me things about himself and his love for us.  Sometimes things happen with Cora that make me bust out laughing and she has no clue they're even funny.  Those are the times that make me wonder if we make God laugh. 

Today, Cora was playing in her room while I was entertaining Cohen in the living room.  She started yelling "Mommy!"  and yelling other random things.  I let it carry on for a bit and then called for her to come to the living room.  She came running.  I asked "What were you doing in there?"  "I was on my bed" she replied.  "But why were you in there?" I asked.  "I was screamin'" she said.  "BUT WHY were you screaming?" I asked her.  "I was doing it on purpose." and then she did Geron and myself.  Would God laugh at that?

I am continually amazed at the things she says and what she picks up from people and I tend to laugh at her cute ways of pronouncing words.  On vacation, Cora often talked about the fact that we were on "A-cashun" and that we were going to see "oranj beesh" (Orange Beach).  I asked her about something that had happened at the beach one day and she responded "Remember, Mommy? I did it in the o-shun."  To being reprimanded for trying to eat something she'd picked up off the floor, she said "No, Cora, that's isgussing!" (disgusting)  

I find upon occasion that God uses things Cora says to make me check myself,too~ probably more than just 'on occasion' really.  Today I experienced two of those moments.  The first I recognized automatically as being my fault when she repeated a word I said about Cohen having just passed gas.  I definitely have to work on that one.  The other happened later and Geron and I were absolutely shocked at what we thought we'd heard.  Geron even asked her if she'd said it to make sure we'd heard correctly and to ensure it didn't happen again.  She'd told us to be quiet in a not so nice fashion.  And she did say it.  Unfortunately, I have a habit of laughing when Cora says something that absolutely shocks me and I had to bite my shirt to keep from letting her see me laugh at that time.  I KNOW God wouldn't laugh then.   While I am pretty sure Cora didn't get THAT one from me...the Lord checked me on that one a couple of years ago ...I know I have got to work on not laughing at her at inappropriate moments.  Suggestions?

Friends tell me lots of times that they think God has a sense of humor~afterall, just look at me!  But if He does really laugh, I'd like to hear it every now and then, I think.  


ann said...

ONe time I was feeling very emontional over something ridiculous, and I was crying my eyes out. I was washing my face and felt like God was telling me to look in the mirror. I looked up and I looked so ridiculous I laughed. I think he was sharing it with me to cheer me up.