Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Thursday Service

You would've laughed your pants off last night in our service!  I know, not what you would hear about a service, but let me tell you...We had no nursery at church last night, so Cora and Cohen sat with Samantha and Nanny Pat during the service.. They were the only little ones there.  Pastor Matt talked a little about the service and how people mourned when Jesus died and then said something about how we had hope because we knew what would happen on Easter...At that point, he paused and Cora hollered "The Easter Bunny!"  I had to pinch myself to keep from laughing and couldn't and made some kind of funny noise, embarassing.  Cora made other comments through the service.  At one point, Geron motioned for the audience to stand.  Cora turned to Samantha and said "Stand up!"  During a prayer, just as Pastor Matt was about to say "amen"< Cora sensed it coming and yelled "AMEN!"  And often, after Geron finished leading songs, or I finished playing, she would shout "YEA!"  We were so embarassed. We were supposed to leave in silence, and all the way out Cora said "I going to see the Easter Bunny.  I going to buy some candy." I guess she did good for her age, but next year I think we will have Preston and Patsy watch her or call Jan to keep her downstairs. Of course at that point, Cohen may be the one shouting.


Unknown said...

When I was two I was at a wedding with my parents. That was back in the day when the only media to record the event was a tape recorder. After every question in the vows they have my voice on tape saying, "no, thank you!"

Years later? I babysat for the couple's kids and she was probably my Sunday School Teacher! :)