Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

In case you haven't been in Hallmark lately, broused the huge
grill-supply aisles at Walmart, or noticed all the tools on sale THIS
WEEKEND ONLY signs in Sears, Lowes and Home Depot, today is FATHER'S
DAY, a day to celebrate the dad's of the world.

So, here's my tribute to the daddies in my life.

To those who have passed on, Grandaddy and Grandpa, I love you and
miss you. My Grandaddy had a great sense of humor, loved to sing, and
adored his wife of 49 years and 360 so days. In his last days, when
he didn't recognize most of us from Adam, he knew my Granny and still
sang "Million Dollar Baby" to her...Grandpa (my daddy's dad) also
loved to sing and to tell stories. We used to sit around their
kitchen and sing hymns and listen to Grandpa's stories. I don't
really remember the whole story, but I know that one of his favorites
to tell was kind of a ghost story about the Mulberry Black Thing.
Grandpa was in a wheelchair and used to give us rides in his lap. He
passed away when I was in 6th grade, so I missed out on getting to
know his really well, but my memories of him are certainly good ones.

To Preston, Geron's dad, it is an honor to be your daughter-in-law. I
have learned so much from you about loving people as they are. I
could ask anyone who knows you what kind of person you are, and they
would all say you are a man of God. It is obvious that you love the
Lord with all your heart. Thank you for sharing what the Lord has done
for you. Thank you for setting a Godly example for Geron of what a
Godly husband should be. Thank you for always being here to help us
with whatever we need. You are the most generous person I know, and
Grace church can testify that I've told them so. You are crazy about
your grandchildren and they are crazy about you right back. I am so
glad God gave you extra years after last summer.

To my Daddy, I love you, Daddy-O. You have always been one of my
biggest encouragers. Thank you for praying for me growing up and
reading your Bible every night. Thank you for raising me in the
church and insisting I go whether I felt like it or not. Thank you
for teaching me the importance of giving God His tithe even when it
seemed I couldn't afford to do so. The fact is I can't afford not to.
Thank you for teaching me about faithfulness in the way you loved Mom
through thick and then. Thank you for coming to all my piano recitals
and concerts and encouraging my talent--making me count out loud
during practicing was always a pain, but I'm glad you could see the
big picture and made me do it anyway. Thanks for playing with us,
racing with us on the sidewalk, skipping with us into church, swimming
with us in the pool, and for building me my dollhouse (favorite
Christmas present ever) and my doll cradle, which is now Cora's.
Daddy, there are so many things I can thank you for, but most
importantly thank you for loving the Lord and loving me. You're as
special a Grandpa as mine was and more so!

Finally, to my husband, Geron. I love watching you in your role as a
Daddy. You are a Godly man and our kids adore you. You and Cora keep
me in stitches. She is a girl version of a mini-you. There's a
special relationship between a Daddy and his girl. She has confidence
because you believe in her. This year, you got "your boy" and the
bond you two have is precious. They are learning a lot from you. How
to have fun, music appreciation, good cooking skills, importance of
prayer, how to love and respect their future spouse. They are
learning the character traits of compassion, forgiveness, mercy,
gerosity, and love from you. Thank you for all you do for our children
and for me. I love you very much.

Happy Fathers Day to you ALL.