Thursday, June 18, 2009


My brother, Everett AKA Uncle Ebrett, has been in town this week.  Cora loves having people around all the time to perform for and she was cutting shines right and left for Uncle Ebrett.  His first night here, he was playing with her in the living room and apparently did something she didn't like so she said "Don't".  Everett didn't know what he'd done so he said "Don't what?"  to which she said "Don't, Ma'am."  (Good manners, a little off the mark there, though.)  Today, after hopping out of a bath, she ran into the other room and jumped on his bed (in her birthday suit.) She pointed at her bottom and said "That's my butt. That's where the poop comes out."  (Such a lady.)  Then she said "I can't see my hiney." 

All in all, we had a great visit with Everett.  He was a super big help with the kids, grocery-getting, and cleaning up after meals.  And we got to do one of our favorite "Everett-pasttimes", play Settlers.  We played it almost every night, AFTER the kids went to bed, and played at least two games of it each time.  Everett and Geron won most of them, but last night I kicked you-know-what and had a nice surprise win.  Yes, I basked a little much in the glory of it all.  But hey, Everett and Geron were my opponents!  EVERETT AND GERON!  Go me! Go me!

Hopefully he'll be back for his annual Labor day visit this year. Looking back to my adolescent years, I think there were not too many times when I appreciated what a good brother I had.. Of course, he was a little different back in the day.  But today, I wouldn't trade him for anything.  He's a great brother and an awesome friend.  (And Cora and Cohen would add, a really fun uncle.)  We love you Everett!!! Til next time!


ann said...

We appreciate you letting him come to Annie-Daniel Camp.