Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Tea Party

I think Cora might be british, or maybe just a girly girl. 

Now that Cora and Cohen have their own rooms, I've been able to put all of their toys out where they can get to them.  Many of Cora's baby toys have found a new home in Cohen's room...had a little bit of drama when she'd find one that she recognized and asked "Is this mine?"  Explaining that it is a baby toy and that Cohen would have more fun with it than she would has helped a little. 

But Cora's had enough fun discovering girly toys she loves and has developed some new favorites.  Namely, her plush tea set from Granny.  Every morning she's up and ready for a lovely cup of tea.  And when anyone comes over, she has to offer them some cotton tea and cupcakes as well. OH, and the teapot doesn't even have tea in it, it's full of macaroni.  (What's up with that?)   It's gotten to the point that I had to put the crazy thing away for awhile. I mean, we were having tea practically 14/7 (she was asleep the other ten hours.) I think I'm going to follow some advice from some other moms I know and rotate the toys every few weeks or so.

In the meantime, pray for us.  Today, she found her doctor kit.


Bird's Words said...

I think she's ready for a girl's outing to the English Rose! Don't you???