Monday, June 8, 2009

Single Mommies, How do you do it?

Geron is gone for the week, so I am attempting the life of a single mom.  I know single moms have WAYYYYYYYYYY more responsibilities to handle then I do for this short week, so let me say "Hats off to you who do it on a full-time basis. I bet your prayer life is incredible! 

Today, I braved McDonalds with Cora and Cohen.  I couldn't believe how good Cora was being while we waited to order.  She stayed next to me the whole time.  I noticed her watching the people around us. A lady with a rather large derierre approached the counter next to us.  Cora just observed her for a minute and then it happened. Her finger went up, pointed and she exclaimed "That's a butt!"  I tried to stifle what could easily be explosive laughter and looked around to see if anyone else had caught what she'd done.  Fortunately, noone seemed to notice, and more importantly, the lady herself didn't hear.  Woooo! We're off the hook.  Yes, I immediately told her that we don't point at or talk about bottoms in public and HOPE that does the trick for future opportunities to do so.  I ordered two happy meals, no special requests, filled drinks and headed to the play area. Cora ate like a bird and then wanted to play.  A little girl about a year younger than Cora came in and played with Cora for the longest time.  (Thank you, Jesus, for friends)  Cohen got a kick out of watching them play and laugh, and babbled and giggled up a storm as he watched.  He also ate, like a horse.  Thankfully, Cora only asked to go potty once...having a friend kept her from getting bored and needing to take the regular 4 trips to the potty.  When she finished playing, we both had ice cream cones and headed home for nap time.  AND FOR ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, THEY BOTH NAPPED AT THE SAME TIME!  AWESOME!!!  (Thank you, Jesus, for naps.) 

So, for the rest of the week, I am planning a movie day, fun at the park day(carousel ride and playing in the fountain--I also plan to bring a youth along on that trip), maybe a zoo day, and who knows what else.  Any suggestions out there?  If you think about it, pray for us as we're daddyless this week.  And pray for daddy and his buddy Stan and the kiddos at camp.


heather honaker said...

lydia - i totally know what you mean about the new respect for single moms. when nathan was at the academy for six and a half months, i had molly in kindergarten, and jos was 3 mos old when he left, almost 10 mos when he returned for good. i learned a whole lot about being a single mom. it's tough!!

sounds like you're doing ok - hang in there!!