Wednesday, August 24, 2005

humpday haiku and other stuff

hai·ku def: A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables,traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.

Heater sent me this
I guess I'll participate
Don't quite get tagging

I do this with serious reservations, but I value my relationships. Next thing you know I'll have a mood indicator and a froogle wishlist on the blog.

heater Tagged Me

10 years ago: 10 yrs ago, I was convincing my parents I needed a semester off before I began college, and it wasn't really necessary to get a job, because I was trying tio find myself.

5 years ago: 5 yrs ago I was just getting adjusted to sharing a bed, marriage, and had just began working at FBC Richmond

yesterday: I went to work and installed a projection screen in the sanctuary, and somehow managed to injure my back and right knee, so todaI'm'm hobbling around like an old man

5 snack I enjoy: Cottage Cheese. Pepperjack, PopTarts, Peanut Butter M&M's, Reece's Cups

5 song I know all the words to: "the Chicken Dance", "Happy Birthday", "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing", "Great is Thy Faithfullness", and "Church" by Lyle

5 things i would do with 100 million dollars: buy a descent vehicle, get a tummy tuck, invest in jello, buy new underear, buy things from my wishlist

5 place I would run away to: a cave, the beach, Krystal, Starbucks, the Library

5 thing I would never wear: a thong, fishnet shirt, anything with St Louis Cardinals on it, a pinky ring, daisy dukes

5 tv shows that I love: Lost, Survivor, Big Brother, Alias, and Lingo

5 bad habits: picking my nose in traffic, wiping it in obscure places, sticking my hands in obscure places, finding things that were previously left, crack

5 biggest joys: My God, My Wife, My Family, My Job, My Computer

5 favorite toys: Camera, Mp3 Player, TiVo, Xbox, rubber Chicken that ejects an egg from rectum when squeezed

4 people I'm tagging: Saddam, Kim-Jong, Osama, Pat Robertson


Anonymous said...

yay!! you did it! but you're supposed to tag others that have blogs.

not that those people don't, but, oh, you know what i mean! :)

love the answers, especially "crack"


Anonymous said...

I'm really thankful you don't wear thongs or fishnet clothing or daisy dukes. That's so gay.

I would hope that you would spend a little bit of that 100 mil on a new house and TWO decent vehicles, and a dog would be nice, too.

As for your wish list, I'll buy you everything on it if we don't allready have it in the medicine cabinet!

Anonymous said...

Ten years ago, you
5 years ago, you and me
Next year, family????

Anonymous said...

is anonymous asking permission, or telling us something????

Anonymous said...

anonymous better be my wife

Anonymous said...