Friday, February 3, 2006


One of the highlights of the workweek is when the grandkids of Becky, our secretary, drop in for a visit. They are three and five years old, and a lot of fun. They usually come into my office to play with my toys while their mom talks to Becky. We have a good time. Yesterday I asked them if the knew I was going to be a daddy. They were excited for me. A*, who's five, voluntereed to babysit anytime we need her to. Her younger brother E* said "neat". Becky tols me later, that when they all got in the car to leave, A* told everyone that she thought that I was going to be a good daddy. When Becky told me, it made my day. I hope she's right!


Anonymous said...

kids have a great sense for those things... i am sure you will be a great dad