Thursday, February 16, 2006

the c-word

Kindergarteners make up cuss words. Well, they don't actually make them up--they just decide that if a word is mean, its a cuss word. For instance, kids raise their hands to tattle on someone for saying the "s" word. For those of you who don't speak kindergarten, the "s" word is shutup. There's also the "d" word, and the "h" word, and oh, what was it--I think someone told me the "k" word was a bad word once. In order, these words are "Dang", "Hate", "Kiss"???? oh, and yesterday is was the "g" word, "GOSH!" (Don't tell anyone you saw these words on my blog!)

A few years ago I was talking to a five year old at church and she informed me that she knew both the "F" word and the "B" word. I thought to myself "Don't say'em! Don't say'em! Don't say'em" but I didn't get it out and she proceeded to say them--"Butt and Fart" Whoooooooooooo! I was never so happy to hear those words in my life as I was at that moment. (Kirsten, I hope those are the only f and b words you know for the rest of your life)

So, all this to bring up the subject of the day, the "C" word. This actually isn't a cuss word at all and I don't know why I spent so much time blogging about cuss words--but maybe it will all come together. Today, a mom suggested to me the "c" word: Cesarean. DUN DUN DUN I really didn't think I would have to consider such a thing. Pushing the baby out is going to be painful enough. Getting my stomache cut open?? Please don't mention it to me again. I guess I should be glad she mentioned it to me. She told me that noone said anything to her about that possibility and she ended up having to have her first baby that way. She said it was quite traumatizing as she was scared out of her mind. If the way you go through labor is hereditary, then I should be okay without one,, as my mom had no c-sections with her three babies. In fact, I hear my mom has bragging rights to having her babies VERY QUICKLY as opposed to my blessed mother-in-law who endured 37 hours of labor trying to bring Geron into the world. (With his temperament, I'm sure most of the length was purposely brought on by him. ) My friend just wanted me to know that a c-section may have to be an option and to not be too scared because it wasn't so bad afterall. She said she ended up having a c-section with the second child as well and recovered much more quickly the second time. Well, that's all well and good to know, but I'm hoping to follow in my mom's footsteps in the delivery room. Keep praying that the baby has neither of our temperaments, as I'm quite stubborn and well, you all know Geron.

By the way, not only did he take his precious time coming out, he spent two extra weeks getting ready. ( I don't know why he's so particular about being early these days.)


AAGIL said...

When I was in elementary school I came home crying one day. My mom asked me what was wrong and I was barely able to get out that someone had called me a bad name. For a while a refused to even tell her what it was. She finally coaxed me into telling her what it started with which was "F". I could see that she was getting upset and told me it was alright for me to say it because she needed to know exactly what it was.

Through my tears and sobbing noises I managed to get out, "He... he... he called me a faaaaaaaaart!" :-)

My mom practically fell on the floor laughing.