Monday, February 6, 2006

things that cause morning sickness--or anytime of day sickness

Believe it or not, I am one of the few lucky mothers-to be who don't throw up. Well, so far anyway, and I'm on week 10. Its supposed to peek between weeks 8 and 12, so I think I'll probably make it. Some unfortunate moms would be going crazy at my job this winter as I have witnessed 2 kids puke up a lung in the last week, but that does nothing for me. A coworker shared with me the details of being a wanna-be-puker during pregnancy. She found that she COULD NOT do fried chicken--the smell of it was almost enough to do her in. She lamented that when she was dry heaving, she would run to the bathroom, grab the sides of the toilet and say "Fried chicken! Fried Chicken!" in hopes that the mere thought would cause her to blow out SOMETHING. Alas, it didn't work. So, what makes me wish I could bow over the porcelain throne and donate my last meal? Note the following:
Forgetting to eat breakfast
Eating really sweet cereal or greasy foods for breakfast
Cooked broccoli with cheese on it--had it at school one day and couldn't finish my lunch, haven't tried cooked broccoli since
Cafeteria smell on fried food days
Close talkers with salty breath--almost had a mini-throw-up in my mouth just thinking about it
After dinner belches that sound like they were productive--DID have a mini-throw-up in my mouth when Geron let one out tonight
I'm sure there will be other puke-inducers as pregnancy progresses, but for now, if you've had doritos for lunch, just came from having lunch at KFC, or have just finished downing a 32 ounce soda, please keep your distance. You'll be glad you did.


Anonymous said...

orange juice did it for me! i love that stuff, but i could not drink it or think about it. In fact, i didn't even drink it for about a year or so after bryan was born because the feeling was so nasty! Also, when i was pregnant, i was working at eastern state hospital. part of my duties was to take patients for a smoke break. That smell made me sick before, but whoa nelly!!!!! iT was 100 times worse when i was pregnant. i actually did throw up one day (right on a patient's shoes). Needless to say, i never had to do the smoke break again! sometimes this morning sickness thing isn't such a bad thing! HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

I didn't have any morning sickness either, until I was 5 months along with Jamie. Then, it only lasted about 3 weeks, then it was gone forever.