Thursday, February 2, 2006

Pregnancy Alzheimers

So, this pregnancy thing brings with it things that aren't as enjoyable as everyone makes them sound. Don't get me wrong, I love knowing that I am carrying my baby, but some of the things that are coming with her or him are completely unenjoyable, more so for others than myself. For one, I thought Geron was bad about clearing a room, if you know what I mean, but I think right now my body could produce the same results as a fire alarm going off in an elementary school. Nough said. Moving on, pregnancy alzheimers. Alzheimers is a disease that affects the memory--you forget many things or you tend not to act like your former self. Let me give you a picture of what I mean. One of the duties at my job is to monitor the cafeteria during the children's lunch hour. I try every day to provide positive discipline to these children when they act up, you know, not yelling at them in front of their friends or just being cruel. You remember that ONE cafeteria lady who never seemed like anything was going right for her and she took it out on the kids. Its very important to me that these kids know they are loved. Well, right now, I'm not so sure they know it from the way I've felt lately. You can imagine that being a cafeteria monitor could be an irritating experience without being pregnant. But tying in that, and then adding on that I AM pregnant and very tired around that specific time of day, and have to stand on my feet for almost two hours straight, just know that my response towards the littlest of things might not be typical. Today, for example, I was talking to a particular student about his recent hair do. It has been sticking straight up on top the last couple of days and I just found a casual way to ask him about it. He said that it was because he doesn't comb it. Well, a kid sitting close by made a crack to this student about his hair and the student replied by saying "SHUT it!" Me, trying to remind this child that saying such a thing is considered rude and should respond in a different manner, whether having been offended or not, patted him on the shoulder and sweetly said "Shut up, (name)". I WAS MORTIFIED!!! The kids thought it was quite amusing, but it took me quite awhile to dig myself out of that whole. I tell you, Alzheimers comes with pregnancy. It makes you act a completely different way. Let me just end to say "Pray for Geron. If I'm this way at school, I'm sure he's seeing a lot worse at home."


Anonymous said...

Lydia, I promise the Pregnancy Alzheimer's will pass. When I was carrying Jamethan, I was a total psycho, crying hysterically one minute and laughing like a loon the next! But, remember, this too shall pass. And don't worry about what you said to the boy of the vertical hair - there are worse things you could have said!

Love you guys and am happy for you!