Saturday, March 25, 2006

Combination names

Okay, so here is why my brother won't get to name his niece or nephew. I love my brother dearly and respect him a great deal; however, as far back as I can remember he has had some extremely interesting ideas as to what may pass for an appropriate name. He was two and a half when I was born and suggested to my parents that I be named "Brother Bill". I enjoy imagining how they explained to him that I was a sister and that Bill wasn't a good girl name. Besides trying to name me, at that same time he had some toy soldiers or fisher price men who he'd named "John, Bobby, Sam, and Henry Kissinger." (He must have watched the news with my parents. He's always been smart like that.) In high school, we used to joke about names for our future children. Being that our last name was "Meadors" (pronounced almost the same as Meadows, except with an R), Everett thought these names would be good for his future children: "Grassy, Shady, and Downintha" . And actually, those are better than Geron's suggested name for his first child "Mapoopis". (Remember, our last name is Brown.)

So, the other night, my brother called to with me a Happy Birthday, and I, not thinking about these past names, asked him if he had any opinions on a good baby name. A couple of his suggestion--Lyron and Geronia. Combination names. Some couples have names that, when combined, are kind of cute. For example: Jason and Casey get "Jaycee". Mary and Joe have "Mary Jo". Or you can sometimes name a boy after his mom: Patricia has a son Patrick. Martha has a son "Marty". Shawna has a son "Shawn". Or vice versa--John has a daughter "jonna". Michael has a daughter "Mikayla" get the picture. Our names just don't work that way, so we are doing some heavy searching.

We are finally agreeing on some names that we both like. And, I'm sorry, Daddy, but one of them is not Madula Oblongata for a girl's name. You'll have to run that by Ann and Daniel or Everett and whoever his future bride might be. And, I'm sorry to my Granny and Grandaddy who have allready passed on, but Fanny just isn't really an appropriate name in this day or age. And Everett, you can forget about Brother Bill and Melon-y, although, that is kind of a sweet nickname for an unborn baby girl.

Just for kicks, you may post a name suggestion as a comment to this blog. But, MOM, Patsy, Ann, and any other family members who may be reading this, DO NOT start emailing us long lists of name suggestions. Unless of course you want us to teach your grandchildren to call you "Big Mama" and your niece/nephew to call you Anny Fanny.


Anonymous said...

You forgot Euphar Theodore and its shortened form Euphar Ted, among my high school name ideas. And I'm pretty sure that Grassy, Shady, and Waydownintha were originally proposed by the Campbell brothers, though the last one might have been mine. Anyway, Eowyn and Niamh (Neve) are nice girl names. So is Kimberly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that anonymous post was from Everett

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

If it's a girl, you could name her Molly (as in, The Unsinkable Molly Brown). Or Amber (a yellow brown). Fawn and Hazel are also good Brown names. Prunella is latin for a brownish purple. There's also Tawny, Topaz, Sepia and Sienna. Soumra is Arabian for brown. Auburn or Ambra work, too.

If it's a boy, you could name him Bruno (German and Italian variations on brown), or you could shorten it to Brun. Cronan is Gaelic for brown. Donnan is Irish for Brown. Hnedy is Czech for brown. Jasper is a French variation on brown. Chestnut was once a popular name in England for boys.

Now that I've bored you silly (and proven I have WAY too much time on my hands to look up name variations), I'll get back to work.

Anonymous said...

i actually have a client whose name is that of a famous city (for example, Seattle or Salt Lake). For confidentiality reasons, i won't tell you the actual city she is named for. However, the bummer of all bummers is that her last name is that SAME CITY. Thus, her name is something like "Seattle Seattle". How is that for a combination name?? I am sure whatever you decide will be better than that!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Everett, um, was the last name listed a hint at something? I know a Kimberly who I think is still single and still interested in a certain guy. I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

I think you should make a receiving blanket that looks like a paper bag. You would be the first couple to carry your baby in a "Brown" paper bag. That way nobody would know what kind of baby was in there. Boy or Girl.

Boy name: Hezekiah Jasper

Girl name: Hazel Jezebel

Two good biblical names.